Decorative Designed Acrylic Panels

The IceFX Decorative Designed Acrylic Panels can be used for both interior and exterior applications. This range of decorative panels is suitable for domestic, retail, commercial and marine purposes. These beautifully designed acrylic panels can be incorporated into signage displays, partition screens, light diffusers and many other applications.

3mm Diamantina Slumped Clear Perspex Divider 2
3mm Diamantina Slumped Clear Perspex Divider
3mmDiamantina Slumped Clear Perspex- Residential Gate
3mmDynasty Slumped Clear Perspex BBQ Area
6mmDiamantina Slumped Clear Perspex BacklitBar
6mmDiamantina Slumped Clear Perspex BacklitBar2
10mmDiamantina Slumped Clear Perspex Backing Plate
6mm Diamantina Office Entrance
10mmDiamantina Slumped Clear Perspex Portico Residential
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